NHL Classic


Our traditional NHL scoring game type! 

Build your lineup by selecting (3) NHL Teams for Offense & (3) NHL Teams for Defense!

*Points accrue from individual player(s) statistics from the team you selected for that specific scoring category.



Goal 8.50 Pts
Assist 3.50 Pts
Shot on Goal 1.00 Pt
Faceoff Won 0.50 Pts
Faceoff Lost -0.50 Pts
*Bonus Points*
Power Play Goal 0.50 Pts
Power Play Assist  0.50 Pts
Short Handed Goal 2.00 Pts
Short Handed Assist  2.00 Pts
Goalie Save 1.00 Pt
Goal Against -3.50 Pts
Blocked Shot 1.50 Pts
Takeaway 1.00 Pt
*Bonus Points*
No Goals Allowed / Shutout 5.50 Pts


Scoring Notes

  • All Goals (i.e., Regular Strength, Power Play & Short Handed) receive = 8.50 Pts.
  • All Assists (i.e., Regular Strength, Power Play & Short Handed) receive = 3.50 Pts.
  • *Bonus Points* Power Play Goals & Power Play Assists receive an additional = 0.50 Pts
  • *Bonus Points* Short Handed Goals & Short Handed Assists receive an additional = 2.00 Pts
  • Goalies will NOT receive points for offensive stats (i.e., goals, assists).
  • Empty Net Goals scored do NOT count against Defense Goals Against.
  • *Bonus Points* Shutout is awarded to a Defense Team if they complete the entire game with NO goals allowed in regulation + overtime.  Shootout goals will NOT prevent a shutout.
  • Goals & Saves during a shootout are NOT counted.


Offense – MULTIPLIER 1.5x Points
Defense – MULTIPLIER 1.5x Points

Lineup Notes

  • Select (6) NHL Teams to build your lineup.
  • You may select an NHL Team TWICE in your lineup – but NOT for the same scoring category (i.e., Offense, Defense).
  • The NHL Teams you select as MULTIPLIER 1.5x Points will score 1.5x the total fantasy points scored (i.e., Team A scores 100 Pts x 1.5 = 150 Pts).

Lineup Edits

  • Lineups may be edited any time leading up to the start time of the contest (which is the start of the 1st game on the contest slate).  
  • Once the contest starts – the contest will move from “Upcoming” to “Live” where lineups become “locked” & cannot be edited.


Lineup Withdrawals

  • Lineups can NOT be withdrawn from a contest once the contest is either A) full or B) starts within 60 minutes.  


Canceled, Postponed, and Rescheduled Games

If a game is canceled or postponed & rescheduled within same day / contest date, the game will be included in the contest and Teams listed to play in that game will accrue scoring points.


If a game is rescheduled to a later date, the game will be disabled from the contest and Teams listed to play in that game will NOT accrue points. Teams you selected for your lineup as of the time of the lock of the disabled game will remain in your roster and will accrue zero points.


If all the scheduled games on same day / contest date are canceled or postponed & rescheduled to a later date, the contest will be canceled, and all participants entry fees will be refunded to their account.


Games are “known” to be canceled or postponed once their status is updated as such by Fantasy Sports EVO stats-provider, GOALSERVE.


Suspended or Shortened Games

If the NHL declares a game “suspended” then the statistics (i.e., any Team scoring generated before the game is suspended) will count.  Any statistics generated on a later date when the game resumes will not count.